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Impact Founder & Entrepreneur

You’ve worked hard for the first few months/years, quickly shipping features to find product-market fit. As a Founder, you have the domain experience to understand the opportunity, but lack the expertise to translate customer requirements into potential design solutions. Your team is great at implementing features and prioritizing user needs, but less adept at solving for your customer’s pain points.

Product Leader

You’re trying to work out what is the right set of things for your team to focus on that will have the greatest impact on the business. You need a thoughtful designer who understands the full business scope of what you are trying to achieve, can help to provide structure to the project, and executes well against priorities.

Three paths to scaling your social impact:

Go from zero to one

Proof of concept (MVP)

Wireframes & Product Demo

Fast track to product-market-fit
Get your idea into the hands of customers so that you can iterate before you spend thousands of dollars.

Minimise project risk

Custom UX/UI

Key Screens & Prototype

Ship work that matters
You have initial mockups, or a full-blown product with core interactions and key workflows that need to be refined.

Empower your team

Strategy & Coaching

Advisory Service

Keep your project on track
I empower your team with high-end product & design knowledge on a monthly, ongoing basis.

Kind words from clients, mentors, and friends:

Having a fresh set of eyes on our design was extremely valuable. During one of her design clinics, Marielle caught a handful of first-time-user-experience issues that we would have otherwise missed. Her feedback saved us from nearly two months of development time. She also significantly reduced our time to iteration ratio, which is an internal success metric that I try to impress upon my team. I was very impressed with the value we got from our time with her.

Max Mayblum

CEO, Givers

Keeping both your customers and users in mind at all times is critical for any business. Marielle’s business and enterprise acumen was something we really needed on our team. Her ability to constantly bring the focus back to the customer and help us to design features more holistically was a big value add.

Mel Faxon

COO/Co-Founder, Mirza

I had the pleasure of working with Marielle on our recent web app project. I was truly impressed by her professionalism and expertise. Marielle brought well-needed structure to the early stages of our product design, and her experience helped us avoid several pitfalls we may have otherwise encountered. Marielle is a seasoned product designer with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the latest design trends and best practices. She helped us unclutter and simplify the UI of our web app making it easier for our users to navigate the intricacies of planning for steel decarbonization. I highly recommend her to anyone needing top-notch product design.

Badr Ben M'Barek

Sr. Data Scientist, Transition Zero

I can confidently say that Marielle is in the top 5% of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. When we met I was launching Ollie's Tea and in the process of validating product-market fit. Marielle was instrumental in helping me save both time and money at a crucial time for my business. She brought a thorough design process to the project and her design council – which I am lucky to still benefit from today, has been invaluable.

Ronny Obiri

Founder/CEO, Ollie's Tea

Marielle is a highly strategic designer. I’ve seen firsthand the value she brings to her craft and clients. Her unique background spans industries and company sizes which brings focus and momentum to her efforts. Whether you’re an early-stage founder or established team, expect unprecedented results should you be lucky enough to hire her.

Andrew Graunke

VP of Enterprise Design, Toptal

Marielle is a true champion for User Research. I highly recommend her for any project that involves an in-depth understanding of people's feelings and motivations. In UX we throw around the word “empathy” a lot but Marielle is truly empathic. She's confident and poised, but also approachable and friendly – all of which make great attributes for talking to users. And did I mention she can make a pretty awesome spreadsheet?

Zohreh Daly

UX Designer, Quilted Health

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About Marielle Briant

I am a Product (UX/UI) Designer based in San Francisco, CA with a background in anthropology and community management.

Inspired by the innovation culture of European cities after having been brought up in France, I spent five years in London driving the growth of three, early-stage startups, before returning to my native San Francisco. I have accumulated a wealth of experience across customer engagement, design, and product management and bring a strong understanding of the startup ecosystem for two great innovation hubs.

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