February 16th, 2023

Taking the burden off our caregivers with Alyse Nicole Dunn of CareCopilot

Alyse Dunn, CEO of CareCoPilot, joins me to discuss her caregiving journey as well as her company CareCoPilot, and app that rewards you for taking care of your aging parents.

In this episode, Alyse and I dig into how the company got started and some of her key learnings in working with and for caregivers. We also cover Alyse’s fundraising journey, her monetization strategies, and how the team is experimenting with cash rewards from a product & design standpoint.


• Alyse introduces herself and walks us through her journey as a primary caregiver (1:17) 

• Alyse explains the key differences between CareCopilot and other products on the market (6:09) 

• Monetization strategies and how CareCopilot is providing value (10:19) 

• Potential B2B plays CareCopilot is considering (12:13) 

• What do investors care about? Key learnings from fundraising (16:27) 

• Engagement metrics and data to inform future decisions (24:41)

• Alyse reveals some key insights from working with and selling to caregivers (28:21)


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alysenicoledunn/

Twitter: @alysenicoledunn

TikTok: @alysenicoledunn

CareCopilot: https://carecopilot.co/