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Helping Care Economy founders get to product market fit faster so that they can scale sooner

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Our care economy is broken. You started your company to fill in those gaps, but building a product that really solves your customer's needs is hard work.

We’ve spoken to dozens of care economy Founders and realized that the industry faces a lot of the same challenges…

What if you could optimize your product to get it to a state where it's finally "clicking" with your users? Imagine...

My Process

My process starts with identifying your target user’s core needs, and ends with making sure that your product or service offers a value proposition that meets most of those needs. 

Whether you’re trying to get to your initial set of customers, or scale with a broad set of opportunities and requirements, my work will usually involve a combination of in-depth conversations, strategy workshops, and custom UX design.

Here are the phases my clients typically go through:

Get a fresh perspective

For the first 2-3 weeks, we will discuss your business together in great detail; your vision for the product, your value proposition, any customer feedback you’ve received, and any events that could inform our goals and overall strategy. You will gain clarity around what is holding you back and what is required to breakthrough

Create a plan

Next, we will create user stories or customer problem statements, which will form the blueprint for your product. You’ll gain a better understanding of which features, functionalities and workflows should be part of your core solution, as opposed to the ones that just pad retention

Get to product-market fit

With the roadmap in hand, we can start designing a product that your customers will want to use for years to come. You can get my support in an advisory capacity with your team, or you can have me execute the design and work alongside your development partner

"The feedback we received from the dashboard that Marielle helped us bring to life has been powerful in driving results, and we are scheduled to launch a paid pilot with our first customer in January. Marielle's business acumen, and her ability to constantly bring the focus back to the customer to help us design features more holistically was a huge value add."

About Marielle Briant

Everyone has a care story. Mine started when my mother and I took care of an ailing grandparent, with the help of my extended family and paid care professionals.

Shortly after my grandmother passed, I started meeting with Founders who were launching products and services to solve our care crisis. I realized that no matter what specific problem they set out to solve, they had all made a personal commitment to ensuring that other families faced less challenges than they did.

Where are you in your journey to product-market fit?