March 20th, 2023

Removing the complexity of care management with Mim Senft and Karina Muller of Motivity Care

Mim Senft and Karina Muller, Co-Founders of Motivity Care, join me to discuss the benefits of a tech-enabled solution with a human component, their competitive advantage working in the employee health and wellness benefits space, and what it means to support gender equity and diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

In this episode, Mim and Karina and I dig into just how many hours employees spend on caregiving and the real, financial cost to employers. We also cover how Motivity Care is selling to employers and senior living communities, some of the unique features of the platform, and the biggest perks of joining an accelerator/incubator community.


  • Mim and Karina introduce themselves and their unique background across marketing, finance and HR benefits underwriting (1:13)

  • Why is it important to provide a tech and human component (4:56)

  • Motivity Care’s key differentiator lies in integrating their benefits product within an existing rewards program (6:25)

  • How to execute a successful employer partnership (8:33)

  • Incentivising and engaging users (13:00)

  • Global trends in the senior living community/real estate market and how Motivty Care is positioning itself (16:24)

  • The importance of self-care for women in the workplace (22:07)

  • The role of product design (25:51)

  • The Boost fellowship, in partnership with Company Ventures and the New York City Economic Development Department (31:38)