February 2nd, 2023

Bridging the worlds of healthcare and home services with Romanos Fessas (Jukebox Health)

Romanos Fessas, CEO and joins me to discuss how his company is addressing a gap in home safety for older adults, and why this problem is so complex and difficult for families to manage in the first place. 

In this episode, Romanos and I dig into some of the unique aspects of their product. We also cover how Jukebox is creating a streamlined workflow for occupational therapists (OT’s), what it’s been like selling their solution to families, and some of their expansion plans with home care agencies.


• Romanos introduces himself, his team, and the genesis story for Jukebox Health (1:12)

• Romanos outlines the problem his team is solving with Jukebox Health (5:32)

• Why older adults don’t have any home modification or accessibility features in their home (8:16)

• What is Jukebox Health as a software platform and what problems does it solve (12:48)

• Romanos shares some of his learnings from building a product for Occupational Therapists (14:05)

• How Jukebox is helping families with financing (19:31)

• Romanos reveals some unexpected findings of partnering with home care agencies (21:52)

• Building on the success of past partnerships, as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid to demonstrate health outcomes (24:25) 

• Jukebox’s journey to finding product market fit (27:57)


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/romanosfessas

Company: https://jukeboxhealth.com/