January 19th, 2023

Valuing the labor of our invisible workforce with Siran Cao of Mirza

Siran Cao, CEO of Mirza, joins me to discuss some of the fundamentals of the care economy, including what it means to build a business that is focused on honoring and valuing a workforce that is so vital to the success of our economy.

In this episode, Siran and I dig into the definition of the care economy and why investing in this sector is so important. We also cover how Mirza is solving childcare affordability through zero-interest forgivable childcare financing, how they’re selling this benefit to employers, and some of the unique challenges of operating in the childcare space.


• Siran introduces herself and how her gender studies degree played a big role in her career (0:40) 

• Siran defines the care economy and explains why caregiving is the backbone of our economy (2:52) 

• What Mirza is as a software platform and what problems it solves (5:50) 

• Why employers aren’t spending more money on care related benefits and how COVID is changing people’s perception (11:52) 

• A glimpse of what it looks like to work at Mirza and how the team carries out their mission (14:55) 

• Top challenges of working as an operator in the childcare space (21:16)

• Siran reveals some key insights from working with and selling to employers (25:10)


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/siran-cao 
Mirza: https://www.heymirza.com 
Parento: https://www.parentoleave.com/ 
Elanza: https://www.elanzawellness.com/